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Fiber Optic Pool Lighting Design

Fiber Optic Swimming Pool Lights - Landscape & Outdoor Lighting Systems

Our custom designed fiber optic pool lighting, outdoor light & landscape lighting systems add safety, security and beauty beyond that achievable with traditional lights. Fiber optic lighting (Fiber Optics) offers the safety of NO electricity near the water; the remote light source is usually located next to your swimming pool pump & filter.

We can also install an optional color wheel! This means rich full color in the pool, creating nighttime backyard excitement. Servicing the fiber optic light source is easy because it is accessible on your equipment pad and not underwater.

Once you've decided on fiber optic lighting for the swimming pool, your choices for additional lighting are virtually unlimited.

Perimeter Lighting - A decorative strip of lighting to frame your pool. This can also accent steps and spas.

Water Features - Any fountain or waterfall can be lit with fiber optics since the fibers can be installed in shallow water or no water at all!

Fiber Optic Landscape Lighting - Our outdoor landscape lighting kits can accent walkways or vegetation, and are a snap to add on to any system.

fiber optic swimming pool light systems
fiber optic swimming pool perimeter lighting systems
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